SM Sales Strategy

Develop a sales strategy, which drives top line growth, capitalizes on market opportunities cost-effectively and provides accountability and transparency to sales activities.


Our Sales Operations Strategy offering provides expertise and guidance in establishing how the sales strategy and tactics will be supported from an operational perspective.  It develops the sales operations charter and establishes the goals, objectives and expected levels of service under which the sales operations team will function.  SM-Lead™:  Sales Operations Strategy defines the end-state in terms of resources, processes, technologies, and metrics that are needed to deliver on the sales strategy.

Some Questions Answered by a SM Sales Operations Strategy Engagement:

  • What operations, technology and customer experience capabilities do we need to create/develop in order to support the corporate sales strategy?
  • How should we leverage customer analytics to drive personalized offerings?
  • How can we ensure consistent, seamless sales offerings across all customer facing touch points?
  • How should we measure performance of our various sales campaigns? What performance metrics will need to be established?
  • How many resources will we need to support operationalizing the sales strategy and what skill sets do they need?
  • What do we need to do to effectively leverage our website and social media sites as sales tool?
  • How can we incorporate customer feedback into our sales programs to deliver offers that resonate with our prospective and existing customer base?
  • How can we improve the effectiveness of your face-to-face sales operations?
  • How do we improve the teaming of your sales team?
  • How can we better manage our sales funnel/pipeline?  How do we provide increased visibility to it?
  • How do we increase lead conversion rates?
  • How do we ensure that our sales and markting operations are seamless and work effectively and optimally together? 
  • How do we improve the efficiency of the inside sales operations?
  • How do we use social media and mobile technologies to drive sales?
  • How do we improve the effectiveness of web sales?
  • How do we improve the effectiveness of our sales management processes?
  • How do we improve cross-sell and up-sell conversion rates in our contact center, web or IVR?
  • Should we re-design our sales compensation & rewards?
  • How can we effectively implement the cultural and communication aspects of moving towards a more sales-oriented culture?