SM Marketing Optimization

Optimize your marketing operations and processes to drive increased engagement with your customers and revenue improvement, enabled by a marketing automation solution.


ThoughtBurst’s Marketing Optimization offering is an IBM software-based solution, which assists companies in uniting marketing efforts across all media and channels.  It leverages IBM’s ExperienceOne software suite and assists marketers by performing the following:

  • Collecting data that enriches and augments what marketers already know about their customers and prospects.  It assists marketers in understanding their customers better by putting new data in marketers’ hands that completes the picture of each customer and prospect. 
  • Analyzing existing, and newly captured data to find new, actionable insights into their customer base and marketplace that can increase the effectiveness of all their marketing efforts.
  • Automating the process by which decisions are made regarding the next marketing actions to take with each customer and prospect thus increasing the relevance of the marketing efforts.
  • Deliveing the message once decisions are made about what marketing actions should come next and captures the responses, which in turn influences future messages and ensures that the customer dialogue remains interactive.
  • Managing key activities within the marketing organization by assisting in streamlining processes and improving marketing decisions by measuring results, tracking performance and guiding future marketing investment decisions.

As a trusted and certified IBM business partner, ThoughtBurst consultants work with companies to successfully integrate the Marketing Optimization offering and corresponding software components into the existing business environment and assist in the software configuration such that the benefits are fully achieved.

Some Questions Answered by a SM Marketing Optimization Engagement

  • How can we leverage analytics and data to understand and interact with our customers?
  • How can we improve our ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment)?
  • What metrics should we use to measure success of our current marketing vision and strategy?
  • How can we ensure relevant, consistent customer dialog across all channels?
  • How do we successfully integrate marketing activities across all online and offline channels?
  • How can we increase our customer engagement and conversion rates?
  • How should we track customer behavior, identify patterns and use them to trigger opportunities for improved customer engagement?
  • When and how should we leverage real-time personalization?
  • How can we increase the lifetime value of our customers, improve customer loyalty and increase customer retention?