Sales & Marketing Consulting - SM-Lead™

SM-Lead™ is our approach to helping companies transform their sales and marketing functions to drive increased revenue more effectively.   It combines strategic innovation techniques with deep operational and technological understanding to assist companies in transforming their sales and marketing functions and take advantage of advances in personalization, digital marketing interactions and social media.

SM-Lead ™ helps design and implement integrated marketing solutions that are personalized, targeted, valuable and effortless by leveraging the following key capabilities:

  • Customer Analytics – The ability to effectively use customer data to help understand and predict customer behavior and to assist companies in making business decisions regarding market segmentation, customer segmentation and customer treatment plans.
  • Marketing Automation – The ability to leverage technology to replace high touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions that assist companies in effectively managing the targeting, timing, and messaging to prospective customers.
  • Lead Generation – The process undertaken to identify consumers who are more than likely going to have an interest in purchasing a company’s products and/or services.
  • Lead Nurturing – The ability to build a relationship with prospective clients even if they are not currently interested in making a purchase such that when they are ready to make a purchase your company’s product or service is “top of mind”.
  • Real-Time Personalization – The ability to tailor a company’s product and/or service to a prospective client based on his/her wants, needs and desires.
  • Event-Based Marketing – The process of identifying key events in a customer’s lifecycle and of generating customer specific marketing activities based on that event.
  • Omni-Channel Marketing – The ability to provide a seamless customer experience and consistent messaging within and across channels and to proactively leverage consumer information captured in one channel effectively in another.
  • Inbound and Outbound Sales Channels – The process of balancing outbound sales and marketing activities with inbound generating calls to action in order to optimize sales productivity.
  • Mobile Marketing – The ability to increase consumer engagement through targeted, personalized, time and location sensitive marketing messages delivered via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • Social Media – The process of creating company specific content focused on gaining attention and encouraging readers to share it with their social networks thereby generating earned media versus paid media, increasing brand awareness, and attracting consumers who may not have expressed interest otherwise. 
  • Customer Experience Feedback – The on-going process of incorporating customer feedback in order to build brand loyalty, to perfect messaging and to deliver products and services that resonate within the existing and prospective customer base.
  • Measures and Metrics – The process of incorporating comprehensive performance metrics in order to monitor, measure and manage the programs success.

Ready to get started with SM-Lead?  Choose from the following offerings to meet your sales and marketing needs:

SM Marketing Strategy
Develops a clear and actionable strategy for the marketing organization, based upon a detailed understanding of your corporate strategy and brand positioning.   
SM Marketing Assessment & Roadmap
Assesses the marketing operations and develops a set of initiatives, an integrated action plan and roadmap to operationalize your marketing strategy, together with a supporting business case.
SM Marketing Optimization Delivers a comprehensive solution, based on IBM's Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) suite to transform your marketing functions into a truly intergrated omni-channel environment. 
SM Sales Strategy                           Develops a clear and actionable strategy for the sales function(s) of your organization, covering sales operations, methodologies and processes, sales management and technologies, as well as marketing-sales alignment.
SM Sales Assessment & Roadmap Assesses the sales operations and develops a set of initiatives, an integrated action plan and roadmap to operationalize your sales strategy, together with a supporting business case.

In addition, our PS-Deliver Offerings focus on the successful delivery of a sales or marketing program.

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