PS Technology Services

Undertake Technology Selection, Design, Implementation and Business Testing as Part of your Customer Program.

Need support in making the right technology decisions and in architecting, designing and delivering appropriate customer facing technology solutions?

ThoughtBurst's PS Technology Services can help.  They consist of the following four service offerings:

  • Technology Design
  • Software/Tools Assessment & Selection
  • Functional Design
  • Functional Testing

These service offerings are outlined below:

Technology Design:

As any transformation moves along the continuum from strategy/assessment into business process design and then into business requirements and functional design, it is key to support the specific areas with an overall framework or architecture which enables management and indeed the entire team to retain focus on the big picture and spot and eliminate inconsistencies, duplications and gaps early in the process.

ThoughtBurst can help you meet you business objectives with technology design.  We can help you:

  • Implement new customer facing technology and determine how it will fit into your current architecture
  • Move to a cloud-based environment from a current premise-based one
  • Define the overall business model for a large-scale transformation program and the IT components of that model, including the operational context and technology models
  • Define an overall data architecture and infrastructure for customer focused transformation
  • Develop technical and application architectures, including physical and logical technology models
  • Develop architectures in the computer telephony integration (CTI) and telephony infrastructure areas as well as in the areas of web and social media response