PS Change Management Services

Manage the Key Parameters of Change to Facilitate Acceptance and Understanding, and to Maximize the Success of Your Customer Program.

Concerned that the level of cultural, organizational, process and technology change associated with your customer program will lead to resistance? Or that the results will not be sustained?  Need advice, guidance and support in managing that change?

ThoughtBurst's PS Change Management Services can help.  They consist of the following four service offerings:

  • Culture Change
  • Organizational Change
  • Communications
  • Stakeholder Management

These service offerings are outlined below:

Culture Change:

Initiating and implementing a culture change is one of the toughest things a management team will face.  However, culture change is a critical part of any customer experience transformation program and is needed in order to sustain and evolve the customer experience program.  It typically involves a change from a culture that is transaction-based, operationally focused to one that is customer centric.  Culture change is focused on building an environment that encourages employees to adapt and embrace the desired principles and policies you are trying to institute.

ThoughtBurst can help you meet your business objectives with regards to culture change.  We can help you:

  • Assess and align organizational policies with desired cultural behavior
  • Establish an integrated set of metrics and measures to incent employee behavior
  • Institute change champions to motivate and encourage others
  • Leverage best practices with poorer performing groups or individuals
  • Assist in eliminating barriers and empowering employees to change
  • Determine strategic initiative and/or activities designed to positively impact culture change
  • Identify and implement quick wins to instill a sense of progress and encouragement