PS Business Services

Provide Transformational Business Support and Ensure that the Expected Benefits are Fully Realized and Timely.


Need to ensure that your customer-facing technology solutions truly meet your business needs and drive maximum business value?  Need to more effectively communicate and coordinate between the business and IT?

ThoughtBurst's PS Business Services can help.  They consist of the following three service offerings:

  • Business Process Design
  • Business Requirements
  • Benefits Realization

These service offerings are outlined below:

Business Process Design:

Whether you are re-engineering a single business process or redesigning all the processes for an operational area, ThoughtBurst can provide experience and expertise to realign your customer processes.

We bring tools and techniques to help analyze the cost of business processes and their individual steps, spot bottlenecks and inefficiencies as well as understanding the higher and lower used paths through a process. We can help identify of lack of adherence to a process (process compliance), which might be caused by poor training, inadequate coaching, oversight or quality control or by a need to “work around” an inefficient process. We can also identify where money is lost supporting under utilized paths through a process, or areas to which additional spending should be directed. Our offering can help with processes across all channels of your customer facing operations.

ThoughtBurst can help you meet you business objectives with business process design. We can help you:

  • Identify and resolve performance problems in an area of your operations related to process effectiveness
  • Redesign end-to-end processes to reduce silos either for efficiency, economies of scale or to improve the customer experience
  • Undertake business process design because of either a re-organization, merger/acquisition or because of a move to a shared services or outsourcing model
  • Design an entirely new set of processes to support a legal or regulatory change in your industry design processes around the routing of calls or interactions
  • Design the processes to support the growth in your social media interactions
  • Redesign processes in a specific area of your operations such as contact center, sales, face-to-face operations or marketing