ThoughtBurst at World of Watson - October 24th - 27th, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

IBM's World of Watson (WOW) 2016 at the Mandaly Bay Hotel, Las Vegas this week is providing a great glimpse into that future (or is it "present"?).  Uses of the Watson technology to support industries as diverse as healthcare, financial services and manufacturing have been showcased in a great environment.  Watson is the best known machine learning solution available today, based largely on its victory over human opponents on Jeapordy in 2011 - 

In the intervening five years, Watson has come on leaps and bounds since that TV appearance, and is being used to tackle some of the most complex business and societal problems in existence today, such as cancer treatment, financial services compliance, "internet of things" control and decisioning, customer understanding and complex marketing.  Watson today has significantly more processing  power than its predecessor, and has evolved dramatically beyond its question and answer research project roots.  By bringing togther vast volumes of information from public and private unstructured data sources, social media, reference material and journals, as well as structured data from corporate data stores, and combining it with complex decisioning and machine learning provided by Watson, organizations can dramatically enhance their business capabilities.

WOW is an excellent conference, providing much food for thought,  As customer experience strategy and operations professionals, The team at ThoughtBurst believes that the opportunities to harnass cognitive technologies is immense and will dramatically impact our space as early as 2017.