ThoughtBurst has developed a leading-edge methodology (C-SOAR®) for undertaking customer strategies and assessments and for helping create and implement transformation program roadmaps. C-SOAR® evaluates the customer facing operations for its’ effectiveness, efficiency and differentiation from competitors using benchmarking results, capability modeling, mystery shopping and client experience focus groups.   This methodology builds upon ThoughtBurst's considerable experience in this space.  

The use of the methodology drives a degree of consistency in the way in which our consultants undertake engagements, leaving them to primarily focus their energies on bringing their experience to bear in the delivery of value-add content and driving results rather than on the process of the engagement.  Our methodologies support both traditional waterfall and Agile approaches.

The methodology incorporates:

  • Strategy & Assessment (S&A) - A comprehensive engagement model for Strategy/Assessment projects backed by a set of maturity, benchmark and metrics driven models
  • Analyze, Design, Develop, Deploy (A3D) - An implementation model for customer-facing projects, including sets of standard initiatives and architectures which can be customized as appropriate for the client
  • A comprehensive application toolset used by our consultants during an engagement which fully supports the methodology

This tool is cloud-based and built on the platform.  It enables our consultants to capture engagement specific findings consistently and facilitates the more rapid collation/synthesis of that information.

Consultants are therefore freed up to focus their energies on using their experience and skills to analyze the information and come up with recommendations that drive real results faster.