DC Strategy

Develop an effective and actionable cross-device strategy for your digital customer interactions to drive increased engagement.


Our Digital Channel (DC) Strategy offering provides guidance and expertise in developing a comprehensive digital channel strategy based upon a detailed understanding of your corporate strategy, market positioning, brand and product promises. It defines the digital channel mission statement and charter and develops a detailed strategy defining what a company is trying to achieve from an operational, technical and customer perspective.  

Some Questions Answered by a DC Strategy Engagement:

  • What is the purpose of our website?  What are the goals and objectives of our digital presence?
  • What digital customer experience are we trying to deliver?
  • How do we want our customers to feel after they interact with us digitally?
  • How will we differentiate our digital channel program and customer experience from our competitors?
  • Which digital channels do we want to support (Click to Call, Chat, Social Media, email, Video)? 
  • How should we support the various digital channels?
  • Will our website be configured to be compatible with multiple mobile devices (laptop, smartphone, tablets) or will we need to develop separate applications?
  • How quickly will our digital presence be able to adapt to changes in technology?
  • What products or services should be offered and/or supported through which of our digital channels?
  • What level of self-service do we want to offer our customers?
  • Should we offer a social media customer care program?
  • How should we measure performance within our digital channels?
  • What skills and resources are needed to support the implementation and ongoing maintenance of our digital channel strategy?

Our DC Strategy Framework:

A key element to our approach in defining the digital channel strategy is our DC Strategy Framework (DCSF), which is used during a DC-Strategy engagement to define the capabilities that you want to deliver and at what level of maturity.  The DCSF is comprised of ten capability dimensions:

  • Assisted Support – Ability to get help when needed
  • Brand – Degree to which the corporate imagery is integrated into the digital presence
  • Compatibility – Level of technology behind the design (HTML5, AJAX)
  • Content – Availability and access to knowledge rich, clear and accurate information
  • Context – Ability to personalize based on location, identify and/or previous actions
  • Design – Maturity of the graphical user interface (look and feel)
  • Usability/Ease of Use – Ability to navigate through the site and easily find information
  • Self-Service – Availability of self-service options
  • Social Media Care – Ability to monitor and provide customer service on social media
  • Social Media Awareness – Ability to integrate with existing social media sites