DC Social Media Response Framework (DC-SMeRF®)

Assess current and desired social media capabilities and develop an action plan to implement a comprehensive social media program that complements your other customer interactions.


ThoughtBurst’s Digital Channel Social Media Response Framework (DC-SMeRF®) offering assists companies in developing an integrated action plan and roadmap to implement a social media customer care strategy and program.  If an existing social media care program exists, ThoughtBurst will leverage various assessment techniques in order to complete an outside-in (customer centric) and an inside-out (operations centric) analysis of the required operational capabilities needed to deliver and sustain a social media program and the desired customer experience. 

ThoughtBurst consultants build on their analysis to define a specific set of initiatives through which the social media program can be implemented and the desired customer experience can be delivered.  It also provides a supporting multi-year business case and benefits realization plan, which clearly indicates the return on investment for a company planning to transform their digital channel footprint and online presence.

If a social media care program does not exist, ThoughtBurst consultants will work with you to build a comprehensive program from the ground up.  In either case, a key element to our approach is our Social Media Response Framework or SMeRF®, which is used to define the social media capabilities and corresponding level of maturity that you would like to achieve. 


Some Questions Answered by a DC-SMeRF® Program:

  • Where do our customers interact with us socially?  What social media platforms should we monitor?
  • How should we determine what posts to respond to and what not to respond to via social media?  How should we prioritize our responses?  What type of response is required?
  • How do determine who should respond to a post?  How do we ensure that the person with the correct skill set responds to a particular post?
  • How do we ensure conformity of responses across various social media platforms and websites?
  • How can we leverage our current knowledge management database solutions to determine what to and how to respond?
  • How can we use analytics to recognize and understand our customers’ needs?
  • When should we proactively engage our customers via social media?
  • How do we measure the success of our social media program?  How should we measure performance?
  • What is the best way to enable customers to collaborate with others and to provide ideas and feedback?  How can we ensure closed loop communication regarding ideas received from our customers?
  • How should we integrate social media care with our other channels?  How can we provide a seamless customer experience between social media care and our other customer facing channels like email, chat and voice?


SMeRF® is comprised of eight core capabilities:

  • Listen – Determine where our customers interact with us socially
  • Evaluate – Determine which posts to respond to, how to respond and where to respond
  • Distribute – Ensure posts are routed to the person with the correct skill set to handle the issue
  • Respond – Ensure that posts are responded to correctly and consistently across social media sites
  • Engage – Determine how and when to proactively engage with your customers
  • Learn – Leverage previous experience for continuous process improvement
  • Collaborate – Allow customers to interact with others to provide feedback and ideas
  • Integrate – Provide a seamless customer experience between social media and other customer facing channels