DC Experience

Improve and optimize the experience your customers have when interacting with your web site by providing visibility into each and every interaction.


ThoughtBurst’s DC Customer Experience offering helps a company improve and optimize the experience people have when interacting with their website across a wide range of devices including: desktops; laptops; tablets and smartphones by providing visibility into each and every customer’s interaction. The DC Experience offering is enabled by an IBM software-based solution (IBM Tealeaf, A.K.A. Watson Customer Expefrience Analytics).

As a trusted IBM business partner, ThoughtBurst consultants work with companies to successfully integrate the DC Customer Experience solution and corresponding software components into the existing business processes and assist in the software configuration such that the benefits are fully achieved.

Some Questions Answered by a DC Customer Experience Engagement:

  • Why do my customers abandon online?
  • What obstacles do my customers encounter on our website?
  • How can we quantify the business impact of issues on our website?
  • Why have our conversion rates and/or online performance metrics decreased or increased?
  • How can we improve our customer retention rates and Customer satisfaction scores?
  • How can we improve the customer loyalty?
  • How can I provide seamless customer experience to my online customers?
  • How can I improve the digital customer experience?
  • How can we quickly identify, prioritize and resolve online issues?


Some Example IBM Tealeaf Client Experiences:


Features and Functions:

  • Proactively identifies and quantifies site obstacles and sources of customer struggle
  • Provides qualitative insight by capturing, replaying and analyzing real-time individual user interaction data
  • Assists in understanding and analyzing the digital customer experience by providing real-time customer behavior analysis
  • Provides the ability to prioritize site improvements based on quantifiable business impact
  • Reduces time spent recreating, validating and fixing issues thus reducing the impact to the customer base
  • Provides real-time awareness into key performance indicators (KPI) trends and performance metrics
  • Enables rapid resolution of hard-to-find usability, system or application problems
  • Generates calls to action based on real-time web performance analysis
  • Provides real-time visibility into KPIs and reporting dashboards
  • Provides the ability to pro-actively target active visitors with automated, personalized email
  • Detects when customers are most receptive to online offers (cross-sell/up-sell)           


Forrester Total Economic Impact Study:

  • Forrester research validated this solution to measure the ROI of IBM Customer Behavior Analysis Suite (i.e. Tealeaf Cx) in terms of cost avoidance (reduced call times and call volumes), customer retention, and order/cart conversion.
  • Results were synthesized from four Tealeaf clients:
  • Online travel agency
  • Leading online clothing retailer
  • Retailer of automotive accessories
  • Another online travel agency
  • Results included:
  • Payback period in less than 3 months with over 500% ROI over 3 years
  • 60% reduction in online problem resolution time
  • 10% reduction in online incidents
  • 0.05% reduction in disputed/fraudulent chargebacks
  • 0.5% increase in conversion rates
  • 1% improved retention rates

SOURCE: Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact of IBMs Tealeaf Customer Behavior Analysis Suite, July 2010,  Report commissioned by IBM

Supporting the Mobile Experience: