Digital Channel Consulting - DC-Engage™

DC-Engage™ is our approach to helping you improve the digital customer experience your customers have when interacting with your website across a wide range of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.  It combines strategic innovations techniques with an operational understanding to assist you in planning, developing and implementing a digital channel strategy and program that can truly differentiate your digital footprint and online presence from those of your competitors.

DC-Engage™ helps design and implement digital channel strategies and programs that are:

  • Actionable – A strategy that is operationally viable
  • Clear – A strategy which has complete clarity in terms of direction and purpose
  • Customer Centric – A strategy that focuses on providing a positive customer experience online
  • Evolutionary – A program that leverages leading edge technologies and that can readily adapt to the ever changing digital environment
  • Measurable – A program where comprehensive performance metrics are established, monitored, measured and managed
  • Sustainable – A program built on a solid multi-year business case and benefits realization plan
  • Inclusive – A program that proactively addresses impacts to all roles within an organization like customer service, social media, and sales and marketing
  • Social – A program that incorporates and promotes social media awareness and integration


Ready to get started with DC-Engage?  Choose from the following offerings to meet your digital channel needs:

DC Strategy
Develops a clear and comprehensive digital channel strategy, based upon a detailed understanding of your corporate strategy and brand positioning.
DC Assessment & Roadmap
Assesses the digital channel both from a customer-centric and from a digital operations perspective and develops a set of initiatives, an integrated action plan and a roadmap to operationalize your digital channel strategy, together with a supporting business case.
DC Experience Delivers a comprehensive solution, based on IBM's Tealeaf suite to improve and optimize the experience that your customers have when interacting with your website and other digital channels across a wide range of devices. 
DC Social Media                           Develops a an integrated action plan and roadmap to implement a social media customer care strategy and program, with particular emphasis on how social media works in concert with other interaction types to provide an improved customer experience.
DC Analytics Delivers a comprehensive solution, which assists companies in understanding and analyzing the digital customer experience by providing real-time insight into customer behavior, KPI trends and performance metrics. 

In addition, our PS-Deliver Offerings focus on the successful delivery of a digital channel program.

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