CX Vision

Envision and define the experience your customers will have when interacting with you, your brand and your products.


Our Customer Experience (CX) Vision offering develops a coherent, targeted and actionable vision for the customer experience. It builds on an understanding of market positioning, corporate strategy and the brand and product promise to determine the CX needs of the organization. In addition, it makes heavy use of existing customer feedback mechanisms to listen to the Voice of the Customer, understand their priorities, struggles and  successes.  It also uses “Targeted Progress” workshops to demonstrate value, and develop & sustain momentum with Line of Business (LOB) Executives and appointed “Customer Champions".

Some Questions Answered by a CX Vision Engagement:

  • What feeling do we want our customers to have?
  • What core emotional values do we want to impart?
  • What is the minimum level of experience to be provided to ALL of our customers – the "Customer Charter" or commitment?
  • How does this relate to our brand values and perception of our brand in the marketplace?
  • What prioritization  (if any) is given to which customer groups?
  • What is the ideal customer experience? How should this differ by channel, by contact type and customer type?
  • How does this relate to the current CX?  How does that experience differ by channel? geography? business unit?
  • How will the experience be differentiated from our competitors?  Will this differentiation actually lead to loyalty?
  • How will we analyze and measure the customer experience in the future?
  • Do all core stakeholder groups believe in the vision?  Do they think it is realistic?  If not, why not?
  • Can the change be effectively managed?
  • Will leadership hold the course?  Or will budgets be reduced?


Our CX Vision Framework:

A key element of our approach is our CX-Vision Framework (CXVF) which is used during a CX Vision engagement to ascertain the current CX capabilities and what the organizations goal is.  The CXVF consists of seven capability dimensions:

  • Understanding the Customer
  • Taking the Customer's Lead
  • Customer Interaction
  • Front-Line Alignment
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Brand & Product Alignment

Each of these dimensions has a number of clearly defined capabilities necessary to be successful in providing a leading-edge experience.


Targeted Progress Workshops:

Targeted Progress Workshops are undertaken as part of the "Vision" stage of our approach.  The purpose of the workshop(s) being to understand the direction that the organization wants to go in in respect of the customer experience and to establish an end-state vision that the organization can buy into and work toward.

Sessions are facilitated by ThoughtBurst and involve a cross-section of senior leadership from the organization as well as a number of “customer champions” appointed by the organization from front-line customer-facing roles.  We call them "Targeted Progress Workshops" since we adopt an agile approach to the workshops with very clear objectives being set and committed to by the attendees.
Sessions are oriented around the dimensions of our CXVF (shown above), where each of the capabilities is examined interactively with the participants, establishing a target vision of where the organization aspires to be in that area.