CX InSight

Establish a comprehensive customer insight program that enables effective, customer centric and measurable decisions to be made.


ThoughtBurst’s CX-Evolve™ InSight offering is focused on establishing a voice of the customer (VOC) program which analyzes complex customer related data from multiple sources in order to effectively understand customer behaviors and to make informed, profitable decisions regarding customer facing interactions.

Some Questions Answered by a CX-Evolve™ InSight Engagement:

  • How do we establish an effective customer insight program?  What key elements should the program contain?
  • What is the best way to capture voice of the customer data?  How do we establish and leverage effective “listening posts”?
  • What technologies are available and which one is right for us?
  • How do we combine demographic, behavioral and operational data into a holistic view of the customer?
  • Should we incorporate unstructured text into our insight program?  What predictive models should we be utilizing?
  • How do we design, develop and implement effective speech analytics?
  • How should we measure the customer experience (NPS, CSAT, Customer Effort)? 
  • How do we deliver customer feedback to our front-line employees such that they are able to improve the quality of the customer interaction?
  • How can we leverage analytics and customer insight to improve the digital (mobile and web) customer experience?
  • How do we establish effective processes to turn insight into actionable ideas and improvements?

The primary goal of the CX-Evolve™ InSight solution is to design, develop and implement a comprehensive customer insight program that consistently collects, analyzes and learns from customer actions.  It is constantly evolving as feedback is used to improve product, services and customer facing operations.


CX-Evolve™ InSight Framework:

The CX-Evolve™ InSight Framework is divided into two main categories - Data Collection and Communication and Analytics and Modeling. 

Data Collection and Communication provides the foundation for the CX-Evolve™ Insight solution.  It:

  • Defines the channels and platforms that will be used to manage, monitor and collect structured and un-structured data
  • Identifies the different type of structured and unstructured data that will be used as inputs into the customer insight program
  • Develops customer experience metrics and measures such that the data can be quantified and reported
  • Establishes business processes for collecting, assessing and communicating data
  • Establishes root cause analysis and issue resolution procedures
  • Implements continuous closed loop communication between all levels of the organization

Analytics and Modeling provides the comprehensive understanding of the data collected.  Through various tools and techniques such as predictive analytics, speech and text analytics, behavioral analytics and web analytics, companies are empowered to make informed decisions surrounding the treatment of their customers and the actual delivery of the customer experience vision.