Customer Experience Consulting - CX-Evolve®

CX-Evolve® is our approach to helping you improve the experience that your customers have when interacting with your organization, your products and your brand. It combines strategic innovation techniques with operational understanding, culture and change management approaches to help you develop and implement a Customer Experience (CX) vision that truly makes a difference – with results that can be measured.

CX-Evolve® helps design and implement customer experience programs, which are:

  • Clear - A program with complete clarity in terms of direction and purpose
  • Actionable - A CX Vision with operational viability
  • Measurable - Comprehensive, clear, appropriate and realistic measures
  • Sustainable - A multi-year roadmap with a solid business case and commitment
  • Rapid - An approach that avoids the sort of "analysis paralysis" which plagues many CX programs
  • Iterative - An approach that provides the opportunity to evolve the program design based on real-world successes and experiences
  • Evolutionary - A program that is built to set a firm foundation which can then evolve over time as customer expectations change
  • Inclusive - An approach that addresses all roles at all levels within the organization


Ready to get started with CX-Evolve®?  Choose from the following offerings to meet your CX needs:

CX Vision
Develops a coherent, targeted and actionable vision for the customer experience. 
CX BluPrint
Develops an actionable plan and roadmap to operationalize your CX Vision.
CX InSight Establishes a Customer InSight program, which takes complex customer-related data from many sources and analyzes it to truly understand the customer and make effective, customer-focused, measurable and profitable decisions.
CX Education & Certification                          
Customizable training course aimed at  educating front-line employees to improve the experience that is delivered to your customers.  Targeted or ongoing skills certification programs.
CX Assess
Assesses your existing CX program to ascertain viability and likelihood to succeed based upon your CX vision and progress to date.

In addition, our PS-Deliver™ Offerings focus on the successful delivery of a CX program.

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