CX Assess

Understand if your CX program is on track and its' likelihood to realize the expected and desired benefits.


ThoughtBurst’s CX-Evolve™ Assess offering is focused on assisting companies who have an existing customer experience program but want to understand whether they are actually achieving the desired results or whether their customer experience program is realistic in its goals and objectives.  It also develops an action plan to get the program back on track if needed.

ThoughtBurst consultants utilize our CX-Evolve™ AssessMatrix in order to determine the viability and likelihood to succeed of a company’s customer experience program based on its’ customer experience vision and progress to date.   ThoughtBurst will provide a detailed analysis of where a company is versus where they want to be in achieving their desired customer experience.

ThoughtBurst will also provide a detailed corrective course of action roadmap, if needed, defining modifications and/or additions to the customer experience program required to realign the program with the vision and desired goals, objectives and benefits.

Some Questions Answered by a CX-Evolve™ Assess Engagement:

  • Is our customer experience program realistic in its goals and objectives?
  • Is our customer experience program delivering the desired customer experience across all channels?
  • Is our customer experience program on schedule and within budget?
  • Is our customer experience program meeting its goals and objectives?  Why or why not?
  • Are we on track to meet the project benefit realization targets?
  • If we are not on track, what do we need to do to realign such that our customer experience program is a success?


CX-Evolve™ AssessMatrix:

CX-Evolve™ Assess combines strategic innovation techniques with operational understanding, culture and change management approaches to assess whether or not a company is delivering on their customer experience vision.  This includes analyzing and assessing a company’s customer experience program across eight different dimensions: