Contact Center Consulting - CC-Thrive™

CC-Thrive™ is our approach to helping you transform your contact centers into Omni-channel customer engagement hubs. It combines strategic innovations techniques with operational understanding to assist companies in developing, implementing and sustaining a contact center strategy and program that balances the need to contain costs with the need to grow the business.

CC-Thrive™ helps design and implement contact center strategies and programs that are:

  • Actionable – A strategy that is operationally viable
  • Clear – A strategy which has complete clarity in terms of direction and purpose
  • Customer Centric – A strategy that focuses on the customer experience and effectively managing the customer engagements across channels
  • Evolutionary – A program that leverages leading edge technologies and that can readily adapt to the ever changing technological environment
  • Measurable – A program where comprehensive performance metrics are established, monitored, measured and managed
  • Sustainable – A program built on a solid multi-year business case and benefits realization plan
  • Inclusive – A program which proactively addresses impacts to all roles within an organization like web, social media, and sales and marketing

Ready to get started with CC-Thrive?  Choose from the following offerings to meet your contact center needs:

CC Strategy
Develops a clear and actionable strategy for the contact center environment, covering the customer experience, operations and technology. 
CC Assessment & Roadmap
Assesses the contact center operations and develops a set of initiatives, an integrated action plan and roadmap to operationalize your contact center strategy, together with a supporting business case.
CC Insight & Analytics Delivers a solution to enable a seamless customer experience between digital channels and the contact center by leveraging struggle analytics and providing CSRs with access to real-time diagnostic capabilities to resolve problems more effectively.
CC Customer Experience Education                      
Customizable training course aimed at  educating customer service representatives (CSRs) to improve the experience that is delivered to your customers.  Targeted or ongoing skills certification programs.
CC Outsourcing Support
A set of services which ensure the success of the contact center outsourcing process through implementation and beyond.  Focuses on the over sight of the Outsourcing process from Vendor selection, successful transition of work placement and post contract Vendor Assessment.

In addition, our PS-Deliver Offerings focus on the successful delivery of a contact center program.

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