CC Strategy

Develop a clear, effective and actionable strategy to enable your contact center to provide the maximum value to your organization.


Our Contact Center Strategy offering provides expertise and guidance in establishing the parameters of a company’s contact center program.   It defines the contact center charter and establishes the expected level of customer service to be provided consistently across the contact center environment and customer facing channels.  It develops a comprehensive customer-centric contact center strategy defining what a company is trying to achieve from a customer experience, operations and technical perspective.

CC-Strategy defines the scope of a company’s contact center footprint in terms of physical locations, organization and governance, customers, channels, interaction types and supporting technologies.  In addition, our approach assists in establishing a consistent operational framework regarding sourcing, workforce optimization, workforce management, workload balance and prioritization, quality assurance management and employee development.


Some Questions Answered by a CC Strategy Engagement:

  • What are we trying to achieve in our contact center(s)?  Have we been able to achieve it?  Why or why not?
  • What are our goals and objectives?
  • How do we want to differentiate our contact center services from those of our competitors?
  • How well articulated is our current strategic direction? Do our contact center employees understand and embrace our direction?
  • How can we ensure high quality customer interactions?
  • Should different types/segments of our customer base receive different levels of service?
  • How do we want customers to feel after they interact with our contact center(s)?
  • What interaction channels should we support through our contact center(s)?  
  • How do we move to  true omni-channel environment and what impact will that have on organization, people, process and technology?
  • How do we implement an effective social media customer care program?  How do we ensure it complements and is consistent with our existing channels?
  • How should we prioritize and balance the workload across the various customer-facing channels?
  • Should we focus on service only or sale and service in our contact center(s)?
  • Do we have the right technology to support our CSRs?  How effective is it in enabling them to deliver a high quality customer experience?
  • How should our contact center performance be measured?  What metrics should we focus on?
  • Should we outsource our contact center functions to a third party vendor?  Should our contact center(s) be on-shore, off-shore or near-shore?

The Contact Center Strategy Framework (CCSF) and Targeted Progress Workshops:

A key element to our approach in defining the contact center strategy is our CC Strategy Framework (CCSF), which is used during a CC-Strategy engagement to define the capabilities that a company wants to deliver and at what level of maturity. 

ThoughtBurst consultants, who are highly trained and experienced in strategy development and strategic thinking, facilitate workshops sessions, which include a cross-section of senior leadership as well as a number of customer-facing employees.  We call them “Targeted Progress Workshops" since we adopt an agile approach to the workshops with very clear objectives being set and committed to by the participants.

"Targeted Progress Workshops" are undertaken as part of the Strategy stage of our approach.  The purpose of the workshops is to understand and define the direction that the corporation wants to go in respect to customer experience, operations and technology within the contact center and to establish an end-state contact center strategy that the company can buy into and work towards.

These sessions are oriented around the eight different capabilities of our CC Strategy Framework, where each capability is discussed and assessed interactively with the participants, determining the existing maturity level and establishing the target of where the organization desires to be in that area.