CC Outsourcing Support

Establish a framework for your contact center operations as well as better select, contract with, and manage contact center outsourcers to deliver on your business needs.


ThoughtBurst Outsourcing Support offering includes six different solutions that assist companies who are either considering outsourcing their contact centers or currently do outsource their contact centers. 


1. Outsourcing Strategy:

This service assists companies in determining their outsourcing strategy and approach.  It defines the scope of services and the solution that will be provided by the BPO vendor.  It assists companies in determining the contact center footprint in terms of physical locations (on-shore versus off-shore versus work-at-home) and what functions, if any, to outsource.

In addition, this service also establishes the rules of engagement with regards to workforce management, workload balance and prioritization, quality assurance, and recruiting and hiring and defines the performance measures and expectations.

Some Questions Answered by this Service:
  • Is outsourcing the right thing to do for our contact center operations?
  • Which business processes and/or functions should we outsource?
  • How do we select the right BPO vendor for our needs?
  • How do we go about starting the process?
  • How do we define our future state contact center geographical footprint?


2.  Outsourcing Contract Framework:

This service establishes a pro-forma contract defining the responsibilities and performance expectations between the company and the BPO vendor(s).  It defines the roles and responsibilities of the company and the BPO vendor with regards to recruiting and hiring, workforce management, training, quality assurance, performance management etc.. 

ThoughtBurst consultants with extensive experience managing BPO vendors and executing outsourcing contracts assist companies with developing and designing a statement of work that protects the companies’ best interests by ensuring that the BPO commit to and adhere to best/leading practices within the contact center space. 

Some Questions Answered by this Service:
  • What should we include in our BPO contract?
  • What should the pricing construct be established with our vendor(s)?
  • What performance standards should our vendor be held accountable to?
  • Should we include rewards and/or penalties based on performance against metrics, business outcomes or quality?
  • What should the required disaster recovery/business continuity plan consist of?


3. Outsourcing Contract and SOW Negotiation:

ThoughtBurst consultants serve as trusted advisors and provide guidance to companies during contract and SOW negotiations with the BPO vendor(s).  ThoughtBurst assists in the development of the negotiation strategy including defining the starting position, fallback position, stretch position and special considerations for each section of the SOW.  In addition, ThoughtBurst facilitates the negotiation sessions, represents the company’s best interests, manage sdocument quality and version control, facilitates issue resolution and mitigates risk as needed.

Some Questions Answered by this Service:
  • What is our negotiation strategy?
  • Where do we think the vendor will have issues with and push back?
  • What trade-offs are we willing to consider?
  • What positions are we unwilling to negotiate on?
  • How should the negotiation sessions be managed?


4. Outsourcing Transition Planning and Management:

This service provides companies with expert advice and guidance in developing the transition strategy and approach for moving workload to the BPO vendor.  It identifies all areas impacted by the transition and defines the impact.  In addition, experienced ThoughtBurst consultants will develop and manage the integrated transition project plan that defines resource, timeframes and activities that need to be completed prior to the transition of the workload.  ThoughtBurst will develop and facilitate the change management plan including required communication efforts, stakeholder management activities and training initiatives.  In addition, ThoughtBurst will coordinate the actual transition of the workload to the BPO vendor, facilitate issue resolution and mitigate risks as needed.

Some Questions Answered by this Service:
  • How should we transition work to the vendor, in what order and over what timeframe?
  • What activities need to take place prior to transitioning the work to the vendor?  Who is responsible for which activities and when must they be completed?
  • How do we ensure that the transition to the vendor is seamless to our customers?
  • How do we know that the vendor is actually ready to receive the work?  Do we have a go/no go checklist in place?
  • Have we properly communicated the transition to the vendor to all impacted parties?
  • What organization structure do we need to put into place to manage the vendor during and after the work is transitioned?


5. Outsourcing Vendor Management:

This service provides day-to-day oversight of vendor operations as it applies to delivering the agreed upon services to the company’s customers.  ThoughtBurst consultants provide expertise and guidance to the BPO vendor in recruiting and hiring, workforce management, quality assurance, performance management and call handling.   We work side-by-side with vendor staff to ensure that business practices are in compliance with the statement of work and that performance measures and SLAs are consistently met.

Some Questions Answered by this Service:
  • How do we ensure full visibility and transparency into our vendor’s day-to-day operations?
  • How do we ensure that the vendor’s business practices are in compliance with the contract?
  • How do we ensure that business processes are correctly and consistently executed?
  • How do we ensure continued operational alignment with our vendors?


6. Outsourcing Vendor Assessment:

This service includes an operational assessment of actual BPO vendor performance versus the contractual commitments.   Experienced ThoughtBurst consultants leverage various assessment techniques to identify opportunities to improve performance and to determine the underlying issues for poor performance SLAs and/or KPIs.  This service provides quantifiable insight into how CSRs are using the systems and applications to perform their work and identifies behaviors that do not comply with industry regulations and/or company practices.   In addition, findings are assessed such that their operational impacts are clearly communicated and understood.  ThoughtBurst also provides a detailed set of initiatives that address these findings such that performance improvements can be achieved.

Some Questions Answered by this Service:
  • How can we determine why our vendor is not consistently meeting their SLAs and/or KPIs?
  • Why are we receiving so many complaints regarding the service provided by our vendor?
  • Why are we receiving so many change controls and requests for additional funding from our vendor?
  • Why is our vendor trying to renegotiate our contract prior to its expiration?
  • Why can’t our vendor explain the reason for their poor performance?
  • Why do we feel like we're not getting the whole story from our vendor regarding their operations?