CC Assessment and Roadmap

Assess the capabilities of your contact center operations and develop a roadmap to close any gaps and deliver on your  contact center strategy in a proven, programmatic way.


Our Contact Center Assessment and Roadmap offering develops an integrated action plan and roadmap to operationalize a company’s contact center strategy.  It leverages various assessment techniques in order to complete an outside-in (customer centric) and an inside-out (operations centric) analysis of the required operational capabilities needed to deliver and sustain the contact center strategy and desired customer experience. 

ThoughtBurst consultants build on their analysis to define a specific set of initiatives through which the contact center strategy can be implemented.  Our CC Assessment and Roadmap offer also provides a supporting multi-year business case and benefits realization plan, which clearly indicates the return on investment for a company planning to transform their contact center operations.

Our approach is designed to provide our customers with actionable ideas and initiatives that can bring real value to an organization in as little as three to six months.  We not only provide a company with recommendations on what needs to be done to implement and sustain the contact center strategy but also how to do it and at what costs.


Some of the Questions Answered by a CC Assessment & Roadmap Engagement:

  • How do we operationalize our contact center strategy?
  • What should our target state contact center operational model and technology footprint be?
  • What are our current operational and technological capabilities?  How are we performing versus leading practices?
  • How do we bridge the gaps between our existing capabilities and those needed to deliver on our strategy?
  • How do we prioritize initiatives needed to enhance our existing operational and technological capabilities?  What trade-offs should be considered?
  • How long will it take to implement our contact center program?  What resources are required and what dependencies need to be considered?
  • What technologies should we consider implementing to help close our capability gaps?  How do we make selection decisions?
  • What benefits can we gain by implementing and sustaining the contact center strategy?  How should we measure the performance and success of the program to do this?
  • What are the costs associated with implementing our contact center strategy, and when will our ROI be realized?