CC Insight and Analytics

Develop a seamless customer experience between the contact center and your digital channels, better understand how customers are struggling on the web and resolve their issues effectively and with minimal customer effort.


ThoughtBurst’s Insight and Analytics offering is an IBM software-based solution, which assists companies in providing a seamless customer experience between their digital channels and the contact center.  It leverages IBM Tealeaf cxReveal software where customer service representatives (CSRs) are empowered with easy and quick views of the customer’s online experiences such that they can quickly understand the customers’ need and resolve the reason for the contact either via voice, chat or email.

As a trusted advanced IBM business partner, ThoughtBurst works with companies to successfully integrate the Insight and Analytics offering and corresponding software components into the existing contact center business processes and assists in the software configuration such that the benefits are fully achieved.

Some of the Questions Answered by an CC Insight & Analytics Engagement:

  • How easy is it for our customers to transition from a digital interaction to a voice interaction? 
  • Can we reduce the amount of time it takes a CSR to to determine what happened during a customer’s web or mobile session?
  • Can we improve our First Contact Resolution rate for web related calls?
  • How do we recreate online issues reported by customers more easily?
  • Can we identify when a customer is struggling and then present a proactive "chat" session to them at that point?
  • How can our CSRs leverage information regarding a customer’s digital interactions to up-sell/cross-sell?


Features and Functions:

  • Provides seamless customer experience between the digital channels, digital devices and the contact center
  • Allows CSRs to shadow browse live customer sessions or quickly search and replay historical customer sessions
  • Provides session history summary reports, which include a summary view of all of customers’ historical online activities
  • Provides session quick views illustrating key information about a chosen customer’s session without having to replay the entire session
  • Allows CSRs to categorize a customer’s session (e.g., “user confusion”) via annotations for enhanced reporting and analysis
  • Provides real-time diagnostic capabilities to quantify the business impact and resolve problems more quickly
  • Provides instant, replayable online access for customer service problem resolution
  • Leverages struggle analytics to proactively reach out to customers who have encountered an obstacle on the website and/or mobile application
  • Integrates with existing CRM applications and intelligent routing/queuing systems to deliver the customer and customer specific information to the right CSR at the right time
  • Sends events for intelligent routing, screen pop and proactive service
  • Integrates with existing performance management systems for more effective CSR coaching
  • Integrates with existing Voice of the Customer (VOC) applications such as Medallia so customer feedback can be tied to specific online and/or contact center sessions
  • Delivers activity dashboards and reports regarding CSR usage and training needs
  • Provides simplified deployment to on-site and distributed employees through universal, web-based access


Forrester Total Economic Impact Study*:

  • Forrester validated this solution to measure the ROI of IBM Tealeaf’s Customer Service Optimization Suite (i.e. Tealeaf cxReveal) in terms of cost avoidance (reduced call times and call volumes), customer retention, and order/cart conversion.
  • Results were synthesized from four Tealeaf cxReveal clients:
  • A financial services company with a strong online presence
  • An international hotel chain
  • A credit card company
  • A computer technology company with a strong online presence
  • Results included:
  • Payback period in less than 5 months with over 400% ROI over 3 years
  • 30 second reduction in CSR average handling time (8-10% reduction) for CSRs handling web-related contacts
  • 50% reduction in web-related escalations
  • 25-50% improvement in FCR
  • 0.25% incremental revenue from increased converted orders

* SOURCE: Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact of IBMs Tealeaf Customer Service Optimization Suite, Norman Forbush, December 2013. Report commissioned by IBM