About Us

Actionable Ideas that Make a Real Difference Now


ThoughtBurst is a management consulting firm that helps companies improve the way they engage and interact with their customers.  We are US-based, with a pool of experienced and innovative consultants across the United States.  Our consultants all have a minimum of fifteen years experience with top tier firms.

Our clients are primarily large organizations in the Insurance, Banking, Investment Management, Technology, Media, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Retail, Utilities, Manufacturing and State Government sectors.  We have considerable experience working with global and multi-national organizations.
Although we are a relatively new company, ThoughtBurst has a very experienced and innovative roster of consultants with considerable top-tier consulting experience.  Our roster includes five ex-big 5 consulting partners/executives.

Our Differentiators

  • Trusted advice from experienced people - All of our consultants have a minimum of five years in industry AND five years of consultancy experience. 
  • Near-term results and long-term sustainability - All recommendations will be actionable, based on experience and be focused on near-term results and longer-term goals - “Actionable ideas that make a real difference now” ®.
  • We develop workable strategies, we make strategies work - So often a great strategy has poor implementation or technology is implemented without a clear goal.  ThoughtBurst helps you avoid this gap through our experience, expertise and specialized C-SOAR®  methodology.   Alignment of operations to support a strategy is critical to the success of any transformation.
  • Easy to do business with - This includes contracting, resourcing and commercial arrangements.
  • Openness and trust at all times - Integrity and trust is our mantra, not a marketing afterthought.
  • Relentless client focus - We focus on delivering the best solution for each client, not on force-fitting solutions.
  • Innovative methods and tools - We believe that methods and tools should support, not replace consultants, leaving our people to focus on value-add ideas and client specific innovations.